2 Female Bettas in 3 Gallon Tank (SHOCKING Answer!)

Is It Possible to Put 2 female bettas in a 3 gallon tank

Many people have an aquarium in their house as decoration and to enhance the beauty of their home.

A question may arise in your mind, is it possible to put 2 Female Bettas in 3 Gallon Tank? It can be possible if people maintain a proper aquarium setup and fish introduction technique, to keep the female bettas in a 3 gallon tank.

If you want to learn more, you’ve come to the correct place since this is where you’ll discover all of your answers.

Is It Possible to Put 2 Female Bettas in a 3 Gallon Tank?

The answer is, absolutely yes. 2 Female Bettas in 3 Gallon Tank can be put together as it depends on a pecking order, pick the strong and independent female bettas who can maintain their hierarchy, be less aggressive to each other and make sure to create a peaceful resolution to ensure their living environment.

But it will be risky for you to put 2 female bettas in a 3 gallon tank as at least 5 to 6 female bettas need to make a sorority and 3 gallons is enough for only one betta.

Set Up a 3 Gallon Tank for 2 Female Bettas: 7 Steps Guide

If you want to decorate your house with an aquarium, then you can choose a 3 gallon tank as it’s the smallest. 3 gallon is a perfect size and you can stick it anywhere in your room or office.

What you’ll need to set up –

  • A tank
  • Rock
  • Betta log
  • Silk plant
  • Green jewels
  • Heater
  • Background
  • Conditioner

Setting up Procedure

Step 1: Pick a 3 gallon tank

Firstly, you can choose a 3 gallon tank which is the smallest and you can put it anywhere to nourish two Baby bettas. The tank comes with a LED light and filter to make soft water movement.

3 gallon tank

Step 2: Collect some rocks

Secondly, you need to spread the smaller rocks in a very thin layer and then substrate the bigger rocks to look more classy.

Step 3: Put a Betta log

Female bettas are aggressive to each other so a betta log is necessary to make their hiding place as bettas love it.

Before putting the betta log you need to rinse it with clean water. A floating log is not recommended.

Step 4: Have some silk plant

Silk plants are soft and have nice fins so it is considered to set up your 3 gallon tank for making the scenario more beautiful.

Step 5: Have some green jewels

To make your tank more elegant you can put some green jewels.

Step 6: Choose a heater

For bettas thriving, 78-80 degrees is a perfect temperature for setting up your tank. So, you need to choose a better heater.

Step 7: Select a black poster for the background

To hide the wires, filter, and heater you need to cut a black poster to make a background.

Step 8: Drop some conditioner 

For fixing the plants you need to put 10 drops of conditioner into the water. Make sure to change the water once a week.

If you’re still unclear about the process, you can view the video to have a better understanding.

Can You Put Two Female Bettas in One Tank?

Aggression is a common nature of female bettas. It is better to put a minimum of 5-6 bettas in a ten gallon tank for their peaceful movement.  

If you put only two bettas, it will be risky as one will start to dominate the other one.

How Does a Female Betta Behave if She Gets Stressed?

When your female bettas are not happy with other bettas, that time you can find some horizontal black stripes as they are stressed.

This stressful situation can lead your bettas to get sick.

How Many Types of Betta Sororities?

There are two types of betta sororities –

  • Unrelated groups
  • Sibling Spawns 

Unrelated groups 

When you get the bettas from two different environments and put them together.

Generally, these types of female bettas make an aggressive situation.

Sibling Spawns

A group of females, who come from the same environment and have been together from their very childhood.

What Is Positive About Keeping Female Betta Fish Together?

If you maintain enrichment and social interaction in the tank to make a convenient environment for bettas.

Female bettas love to stay in a large group of females to maintain harmony as they feel more comfortable and safer.

What Is Negative About Keeping Female Betta Fish Together?

As you know, female bettas are territorial fish for this reason they may be aggressive with each other and create a stressful situation.

The stressful situation may lead to injuries or death.

Which Size of Fish Is Preferable for a 3 Gallon Tank?

You can choose 1.5 inches of female bettas for a 3 gallon tank as their lifespan is 3 years.

How Do You Prefer the Betta Sorority?

You can put 2.25 inches 5-6 female bettas in a 10 gallon tank for making a successful sorority.

Not more than 10 betas are preferable otherwise, they may fight with each other and injure themselves.

Can You Put a Male With a Group of Females?

You can put a male only when they are going to mate otherwise, they may create an aggressive situation and injure each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Can You Put in a 3 Gallon Tank With a Betta?

Shrimp and snails are non-aggressive fishes. So, if you want to keep a peaceful environment in the tank, you can put shrimp and snails as mates.

2. How Many Bettas Can You Put in a 3-Gallon Tank?

You can put 1 inch 3 bettas in a 3 gallon tank or 2.25 inches one betta, it’s up to you.

3. Is 3 Gallons Too Small for a Betta?

If you are keeping an aquarium as a hobby, then it’s fine to have a 3 gallon tank. 3 gallons is the smallest and the perfect size for sticking it anywhere.

It will be super easy to wash for you.

4. Can I Put a Male and a Female Betta in a 3 Gallon Tank?

It is not a good idea to put a male and female in a 3 gallon tank. If you are an experienced fish keeper then you can go for it. 

But, they like to stay separately.

A male and a female betta can be put only at the time of their intercourse, otherwise, they may feel aggression towards each other.

3 gallons is not a perfect place for putting a male and a female betta together.

5. When Should I Remove My Female Betta?

You should remove the female betta when their eggs are laid. It will be helpful for their health.


If you’re wondering about putting 2 female bettas in a 3 gallon tank, betta sorority! Then in this article, I’ve suggested some tips which will help you. like-

  • pecking order
  • pick the strong and independent female bettas who can maintain their hierarchy
  • Less aggressive to each other
  • Create a peaceful resolution to ensure their living environment. 

Besides that, now you know some tips, how it can be put together, and the reasons why it is harmful to put together.

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