3 Female Bettas In A 5 Gallon Tank (Setting Up The Tank & Risks!)

3 Female Bettas In A 5 Gallon Tank (1)

You can have a 5 gallon tank in your home if you want to be a fish keeper as a hobby.

If you are a beginner fish keeper, you can choose a 5 gallon tank. But it is not a good idea at all to keep 3 female bettas in a 5 gallon tank. It is risky to keep more than 1 betta in a 5 gallon tank, and you need to follow precautions to maintain the tank.

If you want to learn more about the settings of a 5 gallon tank, then let’s discover all of your answers.

3 Female Bettas in a 5 Gallon Tank

Maybe you’re thinking of keeping 3 female bettas in a 5 gallon tank which is undoubtedly a bad idea. It is inadequate space for 3 female bettas, as bettas are territorial, they may clash against each other, it may develop stress and injury among them, and even may decrease their lifespan.

You need to maintain some advice to prevent the risk.

Set Up a 5 Gallon Tank for 3 Female Bettas: 12 Steps Guide

You can buy a 5 gallon tank if you want to maintain a healthy environment for bettas. However, setting up the tank is a vital task to keep the bettas healthy. So, you need to follow some steps to make it possible.

What you’ll need-

  • Base
  • A tank
  • Substrate
  • River stone
  • Betta log
  • Plants
  • Green jewels
  • Heater
  • Background 
  • Water
  • Conditioner
  • Lid

Setting up Procedure

Step 1: Make a Base.

Firstly, you need to create a base to set up your tank. Make sure to choose styrofoam for it.

Step 2: Pick a 5 Gallon Tank

You can buy a 5 gallon tank which is a beginner tank. You can have it like a fish-keeping hobby and nurture different bettas and fishes.

Make sure the tank has a LED light and filter to enhance the environment of the tank.

Step 3: Put Some Substrate.

It would help if you put some sands as substrates at the bottom of the tank to make the plants more fragile.

Step 4: Collect Some River Stones

Make sure to collect some river stones as they are like marvel and more like betta patterns. Put them one by one and make shelters for bettas.

Step 5: Put a Betta Log.

You need to put a betta log to create a cave for making hiding places for female bettas. Try to avoid floating bettas.

Make sure to rinse your log properly with clean water before putting it in the tank.

Step 6: Have Some Plants.

Put different types of plants to make the tank natural and to make some hiding places for female bettas. 

You can choose anubias, dwarf Sagittaria, Cabomba caroliniana, java fern, and Brazilian pennywort to plant.

Step 7: Put Some Green Jewels.

You can put some green jewels to make the tank look more elegant.

Step 8: Choose a Heater

Make sure to set 78-80 degrees temperature for setting up your tank. But, you need to choose a better heater.

Step 9: Select a Black Poster for the Background

To hide the wires, filter, and heater, you can choose a black poster and cut it to make a background.

Step 10: Put Enough Water.

Put enough water to fill the 5 gallon tank, and make sure to change your water once a week.

Step 11: Drop Some Conditioner

You need to put 10 drops of conditioner into the water to fix the plants and increase the water quality

Step 12: Select a Lid

Put a lid above the tank to prevent the betta from jumping at night.

Give a view to the video to have a better understanding.

Can Female Betta Fishes Alive in a 5 Gallon Tank?

Female betta fish are super aggressive and territorial species but can live together under proper circumstances.

If you want to see a happy betta, then don’t leave it in a tiny tank-like 5 gallon, otherwise, it will create a difficult stressful situation. 5 gallon is one of the smallest tanks. 

It’s the best idea to choose the same sized and aged female bettas to avoid the fighting and make them more stable.

Make sure to put at least 5 female bettas in 15 gallon tanks to make a form of hierarchy and balance the aggression. Otherwise, it is a risky step to keep female bettas in tiny 5 gallon tanks.

How Many Betta Fishes Can You Put in a 5 Gallon Tank?

It will be risky if you want to keep 3 female bettas in a 5 gallon tank. 

You had better keep 1 betta fish in a 5 gallon tank, or you can choose one-inch length’s 3 betta fish in a 5 gallon tank. But make sure to put them in a bigger tank if their length increases. 

Make sure to manage more hiding places to balance the aggression of the bettas.

What Type of Difficulties Can Female Bettas Face in a 5 Gallon Tank?

Female bettas should have a minimum of five-member groups. But less than five bettas will create aggression, the more dominant will bully the other one and this clash will lead to a stressful situation. This situation can injure your bettas and even may kill them.

Make sure to have enough space to hide but 5 gallons is too small for having plants and 3 betta fishes. They will lose their color, become lethargic, unable to eat, may become unhealthy, and make the water dirty easily.

Therefore, it will raise a threat in the tank for bettas as there is less space and more aggression of bettas.

What Type of Fish Can You Put in a 5 Gallon Tank With Your Bettas?

You can put other fishes and bettas in a 5 gallon tank to give them a better company. But make sure to avoid making it overcrowded. You can put the following mates and bettas in a 5 gallon tank. They are–

  • Shrimp
  • Guppies
  • Chili rasbora
  • Endler’s livebearer
  • Ember tetra

These fishes are small, gorgeous, adorable, colorful, and one of the best and perfect fishes for beginners. They can tolerate a wide range of parameters and eat quality tropical flakes. Make sure to keep the temperature between 75 to 82 degrees. 


If you’re thinking about putting 3 female bettas in a 5 gallon tank, setting up the tank and risks! Then this article will assist you to have some tips. They are–

  • Undoubtedly a bad idea
  • It is inadequate space for 3 female bettas
  • As bettas are territorial, they may clash against each other
  • It may develop stress and injury among them 
  • It may even decrease their lifespan.

Besides that, now you know some tips, how it can be put together, and why it is risky to put it together in a 5 gallons tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Your 3 Female Bettas Be Together?

Three females can be put together if there are enough space and hiding places in the tank, or else your 3 females will fight and run after each other and create a stressful situation.

How Many Gallons of Tank Do You Need for 3 Female Bettas?

10 gallons will be good for 3 bettas as they need enough space to survive and balance their aggression.

Less than 10 gallons can be overcrowded for 3 bettas and make it difficult for them to live.

How Many Fish Can You Have in a 5 Gallon Tank?

If you want to keep fish in your 5 gallons tank, then you can select 4 to 6 fish of 2 inches in length.

They will make a better company with your bettas.

How Big Do Your Female Bettas Get?

The normal size of a female betta is 2.25 inches.

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