Betta Fish Bubble Nest With Eggs (Make It Successful!)  

What Does Betta Fish Bubble Nest With Eggs Prefer

The bubble nest is a unique and exciting behavior of betta fish.

If you want to keep a betta fish bubble nest with eggs, you need a male betta fish as male bettas protect the eggs from falling and predators. Male bettas prefer to make love and build a bubble nest to raise the fries.

If you’re interested in knowing more about bubble nests, let’s go deep into the matter.

What Does Betta Fish Bubble Nest With Eggs Prefer?

You’re maybe thinking about a betta fish bubble nest with eggs. Usually, healthy male bettas create bubble nests by using their saliva to raise the baby bettas. They protect the eggs and balance the oxygen and water movements to keep them healthy and can take care of the eggs without the help of a female betta.

After making the bubble nest, male betta collect the eggs if female bettas release them and nourish them in the nest.

Some Steps for Building a Healthy Bubble Nest

If you want to build a successful bubble nest, you must follow some steps to ensure the healthy breeding of bettas.

What you’ll need–

  • Tank
  • Water
  • Filter
  • Temperature
  • Decoration
  • Floating item
  • Female betta
  • Test

How to do

Choose the Perfect Tank.

Try to pick a perfect-sized tank to ensure a healthy environment. As bettas are aggressive species, you must choose a big mating tank.

Bettas need more space for breeding and making bubble nests. Otherwise, a tiny tank is not suitable for breeding activities.

Keep the Water Clean.

Make sure that the tank water is clean enough. Try to clean the water weekly to avoid a dirty environment. Clean the water carefully by separating the bubble nest with a spoon in another tank.

High humidity and tannins make the water sticky and help keep the nest together.

See the Filter

Ensure to avoid the high water movement and wind of the filter as it breaks the bubble nest.

Keep an eye on the water’s surface to make bubble nesting successful.

Maintain the Temperature

Make sure to control the temperature according to the needs of betta breeding. Choose the perfect heater for the tank and maintain the temperature between 78 to 82 degrees.

The temperature should not be very high for bettas. Otherwise, they can’t breed properly.

Decorate the Tank Nicely.

Make sure to use light and plants appropriately in the tank to make the environment more natural.

A good environment and location will help the bettas in their happy breeding.

Use a Floating Item.

You need to use a floating item on the tank’s surface to provide the bettas’ security. Make sure to use a lid or styrofoam on the surface level to ensure the safety of bubble nests.

You need to select a non-toxic float for bettas’ health.

Put a Female Into the Tank.

When the male betta creates a bubble nest with his saliva, you can put a female betta for mating. Male and female bettas can only stay together when they mate; otherwise, they will fight as they are aggressive species.

Make sure to remove the female betta from the tank after mating and put it in another tank.

Balance the Water

You need to do some tests to balance the ph level of the water and other water parameters. 

Pick the box of testing stripes as it is not costly and affordable, and do the tests to ensure the health of bettas.

Why Do Bettas Keep Eggs in a Bubble Nest?

Bettas keep their eggs in a bubble to ensure their security of the eggs. Bubble nests are a safe place for bettas to raise their eggs.

The other name of betta fish is Labrinth, which originated from a warm tropical climate and stagnant water. This species has low oxygen in the water, and it helps to create bubble nests by using the saliva of male bettas.

So, they always prefer bubbles to survive as they belong to a vulnerable environment.

How Are the Conditions for Breeding?

When a male betta wants to mate, he finds the best location and creates a bubble nest on the water’s surface to attract a female betta. 

If the female betta agrees, she goes for mating, and the male betta collects eggs and puts them into the nest, which the female betta drops.

You need to provide extra breeding foods to promote bettas’ strength, nutrition, and egg growth. Make sure to keep the water clean.

Why Does a Male Betta Make Bubble Nests?

When the male betta has enough maturity for reproduction, they start to make bubble nests and wait for mating. 

Male bettas do the majority of the breeding process. They make the bubble nest, collect the eggs from the female betta with their mouth, take care of the fertilized eggs by providing eggs with adequate oxygen to raise them, and nurture the young hatches.

Male bettas enjoy the activity of making bubble nests. Sometimes they build a vast nest to avoid their boredom.

How to Introduce the Female Betta?

Put the male and female betta in a tank to make the attraction between them. As they are aggressive species, keep your eyes on them to avoid the fight.

If the male betta can impress the female betta, and she shows any positive hints, the male betta feels so excited and starts to flare his gills to show his happiness and make love.

After mating, separate the female betta again for her safety; otherwise, she may try to eat the eggs.

Watch the video to understand the process more clearly –

How Does the Bubble Nest Look?

The bubble nest is full of eggs and looks like white dots and tiny marvels as it is a cluster of eggs.

Eggs are easy to identify as they look yellow in color. The sizes of eggs vary from fish to fish.

Give a watch to the video to identify the bubble nests easily–

Why Do You Need to Select the Floating Plants?

If there are floating plants in the water, it will make the bettas healthy, happy, and colorful and help them to make bubble nests in the water.

Can Female Bettas Be Able to Make Bubble Nests?

Female bettas are not able to make bubble nests. It happens in a rare case if female bettas release the eggs without the presence of male betta and put the unfertilized eggs in the bubble nest, which is hired from a male’s tank.

Why Does the Male Betta Eat Eggs?

Generally, male bettas love their eggs, but if he feels threatened at that time, he eats their eggs.

He eats his egg if he knows it is an unfertilized egg, unable to hatch, and if he doesn’t get enough food during breeding. 

How to Raise a Weak Male Bettas Eggs?

If your male betta gets sick, remove the weak male betta from the tank after 6 hours of mating. 

Let the female betta collect the eggs and put them into the bubble nest. You need to take care of your eggs and hatches for 28 days as there is no male betta.

You need to remove the unfertilized eggs and add some plants to help the hatches learn to swim efficiently. 

Make sure to regularly feed them baby brine shrimp from the 3rd day of hatching. After successful breeding, transfer the fries to a bigger tank.

Do Bettas Make Bubble Nests Because They Are Happy?

Producing bubble nests is not an indicator of the happiness of bettas. It is the spontaneous activity of a male betta when they become mature.

You need to assume whether your betta is happy by looking at the betta, whether the betta is physically active or not, and whether you are meeting its basic needs.

What Causes Female Bettas to Lay Eggs Without a Male Being Present?

Usually, the female betta never drops her eggs without a male betta. 

If you condition your female betta for breeding and provide her adequate food for strength and egg growing, that time because of her stock of ample nutrition, she may drop her eggs randomly if she sees any male betta.

What Should You Do if the Female Betta Fish Lays Eggs in the Absence of Male Betta?

  • Keep the water parameters stable
  • Check the female bettas’ weight. If she is skinny, provide her extra food.
  • Clean the water
  • Balance the ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites levels
  • Feed them brine shrimp, frozen foods, and blackworms.

How to Care for the Bubble Nest?

You need to keep an eye on the water to see whether the water is dirty or not. Change the water if it gets dirty, keeping the bubble nest carefully in another tank.

The over-temperature and too much water movement can harm the eggs, so follow the water condition.

Make sure to feed the father as he is protecting the eggs. After hatching, you don’t need to provide them for the first four days as they will eat egg yolk.

To know more, watch the video–

What Do You Need to Observe?

You need to observe some special changes to make the breeding success.

When the female betta is about to release the eggs, she changes her color and shows stripped patterns. That time put her together with a male betta.

Males make love with female betta during mating and take care of their baby eggs. 


If you want to know about a betta fish bubble nest with eggs, make it successful! Then this article will help you to know more. They are–

  • Healthy male bettas create bubble nests by using their saliva 
  • To raise the baby bettas, they protect the eggs and balance the oxygen and water movements to keep the eggs healthy
  • Able to take care of the eggs without the help of a female betta.

Besides that, now you know some tips, why male bettas stock the eggs together, and how the breeding can be successful in other ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Will You Do When Your Betta Fish Lays Eggs?

After laying eggs, you need to remove the female betta from the tank and let the male betta protect the eggs until it hatches.

After hatching, keep it together with father until he takes the fries as food.

How Long Does It Take for Your Betta Eggs to Hatch?

It takes only three days to hatch. After hatching, they are considered fry, and the male fish raises and feeds them to take care of his babies properly.

How Many Eggs Does Your Betta Fish Lay at Once?

Betta fish lay 100 to 500 eggs at once.

How Many of Your Betta Fry Will Survive?

90% of betta fry stay alive, but the other 10% rarely die because of some issues. They are

  • Impure water
  • Improper feeding habit
  • Imbalance of ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites levels
  • Unstable water parameters 

How Fast Does Your Betta Fry Grow?

It varies to fish as sometimes it takes four months to grow the betta frysometimes it’s more than two weeks.

Can Your Baby Betta Fry Live Together?

Female betta fries can live together until they get mature and if the tank is suitable to live.

Male bettas have aggressive instincts, which leads them to stay separately. You can keep them together until 8 to 13 weeks. Generally, it depends on the aggression level of betta fries.

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