Can Oscar Fish Live with Goldfish? (FIND OUT The Truth)

How Can I Keep Oscar Fish with Goldfish

Many of us like to keep fish tanks in our houses. It is not just a hobby; some of you could even be the best fisher in the world (kidding)!

The most important part is if you know how to take care of your fish. Because sometimes it is not the other things you need to worry about. It is your fish that is potentially harmful to your other fish. 

So, let us begin with if Oscar fish can live with Goldfish…

Can Oscar Fish Live with Goldfish?

Keeping Oscar fish with Goldfish is unsuitable. You can keep Oscar fish with Goldfish, but you should not do so.

Do not jump to a conclusion yet. Let me break it down for you! 

How Can I Keep Oscar Fish with Goldfish? 

Oscar fish and Goldfish are beautiful, and keeping them together becomes quite a sight. 

However, before putting them together, you should remember that Oscar fish is naturally aggressive, like rose petals with thorns. Having said this, it is highly likely that if you keep your Goldfish with Oscar fish, your Goldfish will be in danger.   

You can keep your Oscar fish with Goldfish only if your Oscar fish is smaller than your Goldfish, and that way, it will not be able to eat the Goldfish. However, being naturally aggressive, your Oscar fish might attack your Goldfish. Thus, it is recommended that you do not keep these two types of fish together.

What Will Happen If I Keep My Oscar Fish with Goldfish? 

If you keep your Oscar fish with Goldfish, then highly likely your Oscar fish will gulp your Goldfish. 

Oscar fishes are pretty good-looking, and most importantly, they do not care or, let us say, are not selective in terms of eating foods. 

 Thus, if you want to save your Goldfish and give it longer longevity, it is better if you do not keep them in the same tank. 

What Are the Reasons to Consider for Not Keeping Oscar Fish with Goldfish? 

Well, it is a very common situation that you might not be comfortable with the suggestion of keeping Oscar fish away from your Goldfish because it is easier to keep them together. In addition, looks beautiful too! 

However, let me tell you the reasons why you should not be keeping them together, one by one: 

1. Fish Size 

Well, you MUST pay attention to the sizes when you are wondering if you should keep Oscar fish and Goldfish in the same tank. As mentioned previously, if the Oscar fish is bigger than the Goldfish, it is highly likely that the Oscar fish will be eating it. Even if the Goldfish is smaller, Oscar fish might attack the Goldfish. 

Thus, size differences play a vital role in terms of not keeping the two types of fish in the same tank. 

2. Tank Size

Now that we know that the sizes of Oscar fish and Goldfish vary, their home, which means their tank will not be of the same size as well. 

As Oscar fish is bigger, it is advisable to use a large tank for it (from 55 gallons to 100 gallons depending on the size of the fish). On the other hand, as Goldfish is not as large as Oscar fish, you will not need a large tank and waste some money on it. 

3. Water Temperature

Compared to Goldfish, Oscar fish do not prefer colder water. 

The best temperature for an Oscar fish is 77 degrees F (Seyffarth, 2022). However, it is not the same case with a goldfish. Goldfish prefer colder water, and if the temperature is more than 74 degrees, they will face a lack of oxygen, resulting in a survival situation (Seyffarth, 2022). 

4. Behavior 

As previously mentioned, Oscar fish is naturally more aggressive than Goldfish and does not care about anything other than the food. Thus, it is most likely to attack the Goldfish and devour it. 

On the other hand, Goldfish are very calm (“Goldfish Care Guide,” 2022). This is one of the main reasons why you should not keep them in the same tank. 

Rare case scenario: You might find some calm Oscar fish as well. However, it is not worth taking a risk and keeping them together. 

What Kinds of Fish is Harmful to a Goldfish?

Not only is Oscar fish aggressive, but many other types of fish could also potentially pose a threat to a goldfish. In short, please avoid certain fish when considering keeping your Goldfish in the same tank. 

1. Plecos

Plecos are not considered to be goldfish eaters. However, they can make the Goldfish succumb to infection by eating their slimes. This is why it is recommended that you do not keep plecos and Goldfish together. 

2. Cichlids 

Cichlids might not only eat your Goldfish but are pretty aggressive too, which means even if they do not gulp your Goldfish, they will most likely attack and harm the Goldfish. 

3. Corydoras 

Corydoras and Plecos have one thing in common. Corydoras are also aggressive, as they are most likely to eat the slime of the Goldfish just like the Plecos. As a result, eventually, the Goldfish die. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can 2 Oscar Fish Live Together?

Answer: Yes. 2 Oscar fish can live together in the same tank. However, it has to be a big tank, spacious enough for two Oscar fishes. 

Do Oscars Need an Air Pump?

Answer: No. You will not need an air pump if you want to produce current for Oscar fish. 

Do Oscar Fish Need Light?

Answer: No. You can simply keep the Oscar fish in the water tank in your room. 

Do Oscar Fish Need Heaters?

Answer: It might sound fancy. However, Oscar fish prefers warm water. Thus, you might be required to use a heater to provide warm water for your Oscar fish. 


Oscar fish is naturally aggressive; if you keep your Goldfish with Oscar fish, your Goldfish will be in danger. You can keep your Oscar fish with Goldfish only if your Oscar fish is smaller than your Goldfish (but it is not recommended). Reasons are: 

  • Fish Size
  • Tank Size
  • Temperature 
  • Behavior

In addition, save your Goldfish from: 

  • Plecos
  • Cichlids
  • Corydoras

If you are a fish lover or are not so keen on knowing about fish but wish to keep them in your home, you must solve this basic puzzle and understand fish friendships.

Otherwise, you might expect your fishes to befriend each other. However, the next day you will find that one has eaten the other (Goldfish chuckles and says, “I’m in danger)! 


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