Can Plecos Live with Goldfish? (CASE Solved!)

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Those who like to keep fish in our houses are often confused about what kind of fish goes with the different types of fish? 

For example, what if one of my fish eats up the other fish? What if they fight? What if this and then what if that? The list of questions never ends. Now, if you have ever wondered if Can Plecos Live with Goldfish?

Stay tuned with us and find out all about Plecos and Goldfish compatibility! 

Can Plecos Live with Goldfish?

If you ask people this question, some might say yes and no. However, I would say there is no exact answer to it because you cannot just measure the whole compatibility game based on their tank size, nature, or anything else.

There are many different things to look for. However, if you are worried about the most killer feature as if your Plecos will gulp your goldfish, rest assured because the answer is no. Your Plecos will not swallow your goldfish. 

However, that is not the end of the world; reveal more aspects while reading! 

What Will Happen If I Keep My Plecos Fish with Goldfish? 

If you keep your Plecos fish with goldfish, then your Plecos fish will not gulp your goldfish just like an Oscar fish or any other predator fish. 

Plecos fishes are pretty good-looking, just like your goldfishes, and they make a fantastic pair if you keep them together. Most importantly, they do care or, let us say, are pretty selective in terms of eating foods. 

 Thus, if you want to save your goldfish and give it a longer life than in general, you do not have to worry about keeping them in the same tank. However, there are some other things to consider. 

What Should Things Be Considered to Keep Plecos Fish with Goldfish? 

Well, it is a pretty known scenario that you might not be comfortable with the suggestion of keeping Plecos fish away from your goldfish. However, what if you can keep them together? In addition, anyone would say the pair looks elegant too and gives a very cheerful vibe with their nature! 

However, before that, let me tell you the reasons or things to consider before you put them in one place: 

  • Tank Size

If you are considering keeping your Plecos with your goldfish, the first and foremost is choosing a lovely home (fish tank) for them. And when I say a beautiful home, I do not mean any fancy tank.

However, the tank size must be spacious enough, at least over 80 gallons, because the fishes must roam freely and have their food and proper oxygen. 

Otherwise, if they face any oxygen deprivation, then they will behave aggressively. 

  • Water Temperature

Different fishes like different water temperatures, it falls under their way of life, and there is nothing you can do about it. 

In the case of keeping Plecos with goldfish, plecos (some types) are more of a warm water lover. It means some plecos will prefer warm water for their home. On the other hand, goldfish prefer colder water temperatures, just like sibling fights (chuckles)! 

Do Plecos Suck Your Goldfish Slime? 

Yes, do not be so quick to jump to a conclusion

If you feed your Plecos well, you will less likely face any such situation where you will find your Plecos sucking on your goldfish slime. 

If the Plecos are not fed properly, then there is a chance of your plecos attacking your goldfish, and that is why some say it is better if you do not keep your Plecos with your goldfish. 

Nevertheless, suppose you want to keep your plecos with your goldfish. In that case, it is recommended that you pay extra attention to feeding your fish correctly. 

What Kinds of Fish is Harmful to a Goldfish? 

1. Cichlids 

Cichlids might not only eat your goldfish but are pretty aggressive, too, which means even if they do not gulp your goldfish, they will most likely attack and harm the goldfish. 

2. Corydoras 

Corydoras and Plecos have one thing in common. Corydoras are also aggressive, as they are most likely to eat the slime of the goldfish just like the Plecos. As a result, eventually, the goldfish die. (Source: Can Oscar Fish Live with Goldfish)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Can an Algae Eater Live With Goldfish?

Answer: In general, No. However, in the case of a Plecos, if you feed it well, then you can avoid any negative situation taking place in your fish tank. 

Q2. Can Plecos Live in Cold Water?

Answer: Compared to Goldfish, Plecos prefer warmer water. Generally, the recommended temperature for a Plecos fish is 75 degrees to 82 degrees F. 

Q3. Does a Pleco Need a Heater?

Answer: Yes. As the Plecos are not cold water lovers, it is better if you use a heater to keep the temperature in their favor. 


It is up to you what you decide to do based on the fish’s nature; however, no matter what fish you pair with the other fish. You must study the fish’s heart and decide according to your situation. 

In the case of pairing Plecos with goldfish, there is no exact answer to the question. Can Plecos Live with Goldfish? It depends on how you plan to care for them and what you provide them. 

Plecos will not gulp your goldfish. However, you will find your Plecos sucking on your goldfish slime (if not appropriately fed). 

Before putting your plecos with goldfish, you should consider: 

  • Tank Size
  • Water Temperature

In addition, save your goldfish from Cichlids and Corydoras. 

Pay attention to your fish behavior and lifestyle, and follow the above guidelines! Here’s to a smooth entry to the fish realm, cheers! 

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