Do Angelfish Attack Goldfish? (SOLVE The Mystery)

Do Angelfish Attack Goldfish

When I started keeping fish in my home, I had no idea which fish to pair up with, and as a result, I made many blunders, not knowing the facts. So now, if you are also going through that new phase where you do not know if you should keep your angelfish with your goldfish, then my friend, this article is only for you! 

So, keep reading to learn about everything (A- Z) about the angelfish and goldfish! 

Do Angelfish Attack Goldfish? 

Yes, and no, both! Let me clear up your confusion. Angelfish are known as one of the most peace-loving fish in the realm of underwater life. However, the underwater realm, just like other realms, does not prefer much thinking about their foods. Now, having said this, although angel fish are quite calm in nature, if the goldfish are smaller than the angelfish, they might attack or, let us say, eat the goldfish. 

Stay tuned to know more about angelfish and goldfish, folks! 

Who is More Aggressive, Angelfish, or Goldfish? 

Angle fish and goldfish are the prettiest fish you will find around you. However, not all pretty faces come with good behavior; it is especially relatable when we are trying to be the matchmaker among the fish.  

Angle fish is more aggressive than goldfish, which is one of the prime reasons why people generally do not prefer keeping angel fish with goldfish.  

What Reasons to Consider for keeping or Not Keeping Angel Fish with Goldfish? 

There are different angel fish (around 250 types); they like warm water, unlike goldfish. This vibrant-colored elegant fish has a different lifestyle than the golden goldfish. Goldfish are very known for their calm and golden aura nature. They prefer cold water to in, and their eye-catching golden look makes them desired by everyone. 

Both the fish have their distinct personality. Thus, it is quite obvious that things will clash once they are asked to collide in their fish tank. 

1. Tank Size

Usually, angel fish need at least a gallon size of 20 (which is still a lot smaller than many other fish tank requirements). The tank size requirements for goldfish are also the same, 20 gallons. 

However, goldfish and angelfish both like to produce much waste. Therefore, it creates a problem when you think about keeping them together because otherwise, the living/ tank environment will be a mess. 

If you need to keep them, which is not recommended at all, pay attention to the tank size and try to buy a bigger one. 

2. Fish Food Habits 

The food habits of angel fish and goldfish are similar yet different. 

Both the fish are great eaters and have a similar choice such as bloodworm, flakes, and pallets. However, if we talk about their eating pattern, it is not the same. It should be fine if you feed your angel fish once a day. However, that is not the case with goldfish, they can eat all the time, and you have to feed them, providing a small portion/ bites. 

3. Fish Behavior 

Angelfish are known as aggressive fish, and it is not just for other kinds of fish but also for its kinds. They tend to fight a lot, which is why keeping other fish with them is risky. 

On the other hand, goldfish are calm- minded peace; they may turn hostile sometimes depending on the situation; however, in general, goldfish avoid clashes. They do not prefer to live alone; it is better if you put them in a small group. 

Please note that angelfish might attack goldfish (if they are hungry and goldfish are smaller than angelfish). Therefore, you must monitor the fish’s movement now and then. I recommend that you not keep angelfish with goldfish in the same tank. 

Should You Keep Your Angelfish Alone? 

After reading all the information, you may feel like angelfish are such a nuisance that it is better to keep them alone.

No, it would be best if you did not keep your angelfish completely isolated. Instead, keeping them in a small group for reproduction and interaction is better. Be it humans or other animals, healthy interaction is necessary for species’ well-being. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Angel Fish and Goldfish Have the Same Food?

Answer: Yes, goldfish and angelfish have similar choices when it comes to food. If angelfish is not fed properly or bigger than goldfish, it might also attack goldfish. None of them are picky eaters. 

Do I Need to Install Heaters for Angel Fish and Goldfish?

Answer: For angle fish, yes; for goldfish, no. Angle fish are from tropical regions like the Amazon, and they like warmer water than goldfish. However, it is not the same with goldfish, which are like colder water. 

What Fishes Are Compatible With Angel Fish?

Answer: Cichlids fish, rainbow fish, barbs, platy, and also gouramis. 

What Fishes Are Compatible With Goldfish?

Answer: White cloud mountain minnows, rainbow, and danios. Be careful about gold medaka because if it is bigger than goldfish, it might eat the goldfish just like an angel fish. 


People think species are the same in the order they can be put together in a tank; however, it is as wrong as the idea of keeping all kinds of fish alone. Every kind of fish has its distinctive nature.

Angle fish will always attack goldfish on the wrong notion. However, they might eat goldfish if they are bigger than goldfish. Water parameters, temperature, and many other factors are the main reasons to keep them not together. 

Things that It  should consider before keeping them together are: 

  • Fish tank size
  • Food habits
  • Fish behavior. 

Please keep angel fish in a small group instead of keeping it alone. If you want to keep angel fish and goldfish, use separate tanks to keep them and then keep the tanks together (pro tip, chuckles). 

Follow the mentioned tips and tricks and ensure your fish live happily ever after in harmony! Good Luck!