Do Goldfish Like LED Lights? (Full Spectrum Lights for Aquarium!)

Do Goldfish Like LED Lights? (Full Spectrum Lights for Aquarium!)

If you have pet goldfish and to make your goldfish tank wonderful, you can use different lights in the tank.

If you want to know, do Goldfish like LED lights? Goldfish enjoys LED lights as it has different colors and is easy to adjust. In addition, these LED lights are also safe for Goldfish’s health. 

Let’s discuss the topic to learn more about LED lights and the Goldfish.

Do Goldfish Like LED Lights?

LED is an aquarium illuminations light that is easy to control, and you can use it for a long time. It promotes specific color spectrums to provide a colorful view of your tank. These LED lights are incredible for goldfish tank as it helps the plants in photosynthesis. 

Use the LED light only during the daytime, but don’t use it in the goldfish tank at night.

What Is an Aquarium LED Light?

LED light is the most expensive item in the aquarium and is used as the full spectrum light. It consists of different colors of LED lights. 

  • Come with an adapter
  • Has matte finishing
  • Very sleek and stylish
  • Can control the brightness
  • Touch-sensitive
  • Can program the daylight time settings and moonlight time settings

What Are the Features That Goldfish Prefer in Lights?

Lights are necessary to make your tank look bright. Lights make the Goldfish colorful and grow the tank’s plants quickly. But Goldfish demand some significant features in light to ensure their safety.


When using color in lights to brighten the aquarium, choose the safe colors for your Goldfish. Goldfish is a curious species. They can unintentionally look at the lights that may cause harm for their eyes if you use a powerful light. 

Make sure to select the less powerful lights for your Goldfish since colored lights make the Goldfish confused.

  • You can choose red as it can push up the colors of Goldfish.
  • Use white color to have a gentle view.
  • Orange is the best color for the Goldfish.
  • You can use dark colors in the early morning and evening.


Wattage considers the electricity usage of the lights. It is the input measurement of the light. Therefore, it influences the brightness of your tank. 

Make sure to choose the light that is good for Goldfish’s health and has less wattage. Select the energy-saving lights for your Goldfish. Please don’t use a high wattage light as it will rapidly increase your electricity bill. 


Lumen is the amount of light you are using in the tank. It is the output measurement of the light. Therefore, it gives more accurate measurements than watts.

Kelvin rating

Kelvin is the amount of color temperature. 6000+K provides a cool temperature. The higher the kelvin rate, the water looks blue. 3000K gives a warm temperature that looks yellow-reddish.


Before buying the lights for your Goldfish, consider the setting options as it provides color, brightness, and dimming setting. It is recommended to select the automatic lights for the person who can’t always take care of the tank.

Water resistance

  • Make sure to ensure security before choosing the light for your Goldfish. 
  • Don’t use any splashproof light to avoid any dangerous situation.
  • Adjust the light on the top of the tank, don’t put it on the side.

Watch the video to learn how to set up a LED light-

What Are the Benefits of LED Lights?

LED lights are one of the best lights for your goldfish tank. You can view the aquarium design more vividly with the help of lights. LED lights provide strong illuminative lights that help to look the tank more beautiful.

  1. LED lights contain different bulbs for brightening the tank. 
  2. Different colors help in the photosynthesis of plants. For example, various spectrum lights enhance the colors of yellow, orange, and redfish.
  3. The LED light keeps the aquarium cooler.
  4. 5W LED light can provide light equal to 25W incandescent with no heat.
  5. This light is the best for fish as well as for plants.
  6. LED light needs less energy to run and will save your electricity.
  7. In addition, it doesn’t create high temperatures in the tank as it generates low heat in the fish tank.
  1. LED light lasts many years as you can use it for 6 years.
  2. You can program your Goldfish for the light intensity, and you will be able to control the lighting system.
  3. LED fixtures are the most expensive and are aimed mainly at marine aquariums.
  4. This light is suitable for Goldfish’s eyesight, providing low and medium lighting.
  5. You can use white and magenta LED lights to grow plants in the goldfish tank.

Why Do You Need a Light in Your Fish Tank?

Add a light in the goldfish tank if there are plants and Goldfish. Goldfish also need lights to keep their bright color. Light is necessary for a person’s viewing pleasure and keeps the plants and Goldfish healthy and active.

The different plants require different types of lights. Some need strong light for easy growth. Ensure to provide a gentle light; otherwise, Goldfish may be scared by the lights. Keep your tank under the light between 12 to 16 hours a day.

How Much Is Light Safe for Your Goldfish?

If you can’t ensure natural sunlight for your Goldfish, consider using artificial lights. However, ensure not to use the light when your Goldfish sleeps in the aquarium. Instead, use a light that provides low heat. Hence, LED light is the most preferable for your Goldfish’s health.

If your goldfish tank is planted, it needs 2 to 5 watts of light per gallon. If the tank is not planted, it requires 1 to 2 watts of light per gallon. Make sure not to keep the light on all time. 

What Happens if Your Goldfish Get Too Much Light?

Too much lighting will hamper Goldfish’s night cycle. It may cause them to lose their appetite and tends to start fighting with each other. If the fish is exposed to light more than necessary, it may cause stress, leading to death.

In addition, excessive light is the cause of the overgrown algae. These algae are harmful to the tank water and Goldfish.

What Other Lights Can You Use as an Alternative to LED Lights?

In the aquarium hobby, different types of lights are invented to use in the aquarium.


Sunlight is the best light for the Goldfish. It provides adequate light to the fish and keeps them healthy and active. If you cannot get natural sunlight, you can use other artificial lights as an alternative option for sunlight.

Natural sunlight is around 500 to 6000 kelvin. Sunlight is beneficial for Goldfish’s health. It takes care of the color and skin of the Goldfish. In addition, it provides vitamin D and maintains the whole ecosystem.

Metal Halids

Metal halids are extremely powerful for fish tanks and cost very high. For this reason, it is not used anymore.

It comes with more spectrums of light and produces more lumens per watt.

Bulb fixture

Your goldfish tank will look nicer if you use bulb fixtures. This is because it spreads light in the tank.

It gets too hot in the summer, which may raise the temperature. It is a powerful light with a high wattage that may increase your electricity bill.

You have to change it every year and can’t change the color spectrums as it is made with one specific color. So if you want to change the color, you must purchase a new one of another color.


If you are still confused, do Goldfish like LED and full-spectrum lights for the aquarium! Then in this article, you can discover the facts-

  • LED is an aquarium illuminations light that is easy to control, and you can use it for a long time. 
  • It promotes specific color spectrums to provide a colorful view of your tank. 
  • These LED lights are incredible for any tank as it helps the plants in photosynthesis. 

Therefore, now you know why Goldfish like it and how it works.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do Your Goldfish Like the Light On or Off?

Goldfish likes to keep the light on-

  • If you are using a large tank
  • If there are plants in the tank

Goldfish like to turn off their light when they sleep.

2. What Color Led Light Is the Best for Your Goldfish?

White color LED light is considered the best for Goldfish. It helps to grow fewer algae as too many may cause bacterial bloom and easily make the water cloudy. White color requires less energy and power as well.

3. Does Blue Led Bother Your Fish?

No, blue LED light doesn’t bother the fish. But make sure not to keep it on as they sleep at night. It depends on the fish whether the fish is nocturnal or diurnal. 

If you keep the light on while sleeping, the fish can’t sleep for the light, and it may cause stress to the fish. 

4. Do Led Lights Heat Your Fish Tanks?

Led light doesn’t transfer heat in the fish tank but generates heat. Make sure to keep the LED light cool; otherwise, excessive light may damage the LED light.

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