Does Goldfish Wen Trimming Hurt? (Make the Surgery Successful!)

Does Goldfish Wen Trimming Hurt

If you are keeping a vulnerable goldfish in your tank, make sure to provide proper treatment to your goldfish.

You’re worried to think that, does goldfish wen trimming hurt? Sometimes jello blobs appear on the head of the goldfish, and it hurts a little to trim it to open up the eyes of the fish.

In this article, you will learn the procedure of trimming.

Does Goldfish Wen Trimming Hurt? 

Wen trimming procedure is painful for goldfish, as sometimes blood can come out from the fish. Removing the wen from the eye and gill area may cut deeply and hurt the goldfish. Be careful if the goldfish flips out of pain as it may cause danger.

This process is for confident and experienced pet owners as it may create awful situations.

Some Simple Steps for Wen Trimming Procedure

Some goldfish’s wen grows a lot. Immediate treatment is to cut this extra wen. Otherwise, your goldfish will go blind.

The trimming depends on the growth of the wen. You will be successful if you follow this procedure properly.

What you’ll need–

  • Clove oil
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Air stone
  • Tray
  • Sanitize 
  • Scissor
  • Tank

Trimming procedure:

Step 1: Buy a clove oil.

Collect a clove oil and put it in a separate clean bucket. First, use clove oil to make your goldfish sleepy. Then, it is used to anesthetize the goldfish.

Make sure not to use this oil too much. Overusing this clove oil is harmful, and it can kill the fish. Add 3 to 5 drops of clove oil per gallon. 

Step 2: Add water

Add water to the buckets from the same tank where the goldfish belongs.

If your fish dries out, make sure to wet it again by putting it in the bucket water to make the goldfish a little more sleepy.

Step 3: Collect buckets

Make sure to collect two buckets. First, put your sick goldfish in the bucket of clove oil. Add the clean water from the same tank in another bucket, keeping the same temperature. 

After finishing the surgery, but the goldfish in the clean bucket to flush the clove oil with the air pump and clean water. It gets alive within 2 minutes. 

Step 4: Add air stone

Add airstone to the buckets to ensure adequate oxygen in the goldfish bucket.

Step 5: Collect a tray

Use a tray to do the surgery on the goldfish. Make sure this tray is wet with a damp paper towel and metal is present in the tray.

The wet tray is helpful for the fish skin; the metal will firm the fish in the tray so it won’t slide around. 

Step 6: Sanitize the scissor

Clean the scissor with a sanitizer to kill the germs. 

Step 7: Use a scissor

Scissors are safe and easy to use in any surgery. In addition, you can easily control the fish by using scissors.

Using a scissor, you can trim the hard mass of the goldfish. Make sure to trim around the eyes and the gill area’s mass. 

When the process is almost done, that time you will hardly cut the wen.

Step 8: Put the goldfish back into the tank

After finishing the whole process, put your goldfish back in the tank. The following week, it will start swimming properly and healing. 

After five to six days, it will look better and horizontal like before.

Watch the video to understand the trimming process clearly-

What Is Wen and How Does It Happen?

Wen is a structural deformity. It develops epithelial jello blobs and mass in the head of the fish. It is a kind of benign tumor that changes the epithelial cell of the skin. 

Wen occurs at the top of the head and comes down on the cheeks, eye, operculum, and mouth. Normally,  orandis and other goldfish suffer from wen. 

What Happens Because of the Growth of Wen?

Because of this, goldfish suffer from imbalance. The head mass is very hard, which makes the goldfish unable to keep balance, stuck at the bottom, and unable to swim properly.

The goldfish looks mangled up and creates buoyancy problems. It slows down the swimming process and covers the eyes of the goldfish. Make sure to provide peas to avoid buoyancy issues. 

What Is the Goal of This Wen Trimming?

The goal of the wen trimming is–

  • Trim the mass to swim like before.
  • Opening up the eyes and the gill area of the goldfish. 
  • Then, surgery to improve the fish’s life.

What Cautious Should You Follow to Avoid Hurting Your Goldfish?

The trimming surgery is tricky,  so you need to be concerned during this surgery.

  1. Make sure to make your fish still; otherwise, it may move, and you may poke its eye and cut it deeply when you are about to trim the wen of the goldfish. 
  2. Do the surgery as soon as possible because keeping clove oil for a long time can stress the fish.
  3. Overusing the clove oil is dangerous for goldfish.
  4. Be cautious before removing the mass from the eye, do it without harming the eye.
  5. Remove the wen slightly at a time, as it is hard to catch.
  6. Trim the wen only, not the goldfish’s actual gill; don’t cut the wrong part of the fish.
  7. If you don’t want to hurt your fish, have an idea about fish anatomy.
  8. Be careful before doing the trimming process, as it is slightly a risky procedure. 
  9. This process is not recommended for any beginner. 
  10. Do this surgery by a professional veterinarian to ensure safety.


If you are still confused about does goldfish wen trimming hurt, make the surgery successful! Then in this article, you will know the facts–

  • Wen trimming procedure is painful for goldfish, as sometimes blood can come out from the fish.
  • Removing the wen from the eye and gill area may cut deeply and hurt the goldfish. 
  • Be careful if the goldfish flips out of pain as it may cause danger.

So, now you are acknowledged with the facts about why trimming hurts and how to avoid it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Your Goldfish Wen Have Nerves?

If you observe your goldfish’s wen, you can understand that the wen is squishy, and it doesn’t have any nerve.

2. Can Your Fish Feel Pain?

If you learn fish anatomy, you can acknowledge that fish has pain as it has neurons inside the body, which help to identify any potential harm.

3. How Long Does It Take for Your Goldfish Wen to Grow?

Goldfish appear at two or three months old, and it starts to grow when the goldfish are one or two years old. 

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