How Many Bettas in a 30 Gallon Tank (Fish Stocking Ideas!)

How Many Bettas in a 30 Gallon Tank Can Be Kept (1)

You may have heard about aquariums where people keep and nourish their favorite bettas.

A question may arise in your mind, how many bettas in a 30 gallon tank can be kept? It can be possible to make a betta sorority in a 30 gallon tank by choosing the suitable fishes, giving them proper circumstances to feel, and maintaining a proper aquarium setup.

Read the full article to discover all of your answers.

How Many Bettas in a 30 Gallon Tank Can Be Kept?

If you are thinking that, how many bettas in a 30 gallon tank can be kept? The answer is that you can choose 25 male or female bettas who are suitable for the community tank, able to form a proper hierarchy, and quarantined before putting them in the targeted tank to make the betta sorority.

Before making a sorority you need to have a proper plan. You should not add more male betta than female.

Set Up a 30 Gallon Tank for 25 Bettas: 12 Steps Guide

If you want to make a community tank in your house as a decoration, then you can choose a 30 gallon tank. You have to follow some steps to decorate a 30 gallon tank.

What you’ll need to set up –

  • A tank
  • Scorpio stones
  • Some sand
  • Water
  • Handy dandy colander
  • Plants
  • Centerpiece
  • Java moss
  • Heater
  • Background 
  • Fishes
  • A lid

Setting up Procedure

Step 1: Pick a 30 gallon tank

Firstly, you need to choose a 30 gallon tank to make a betta sorority in your house. The tank comes with a LED baton light and filter as bettas like soft water movement.

Step 2: Add some Scorpio stones

Make a small layer of Scorpio stones to provide the bettas’ nutrition and to fix the sand in the next step.

Step 3: Put some sand

You need to add some sands for planting and make sure not to make this layer too deep. 

Step 4: Put the water

If you want to prepare your tank for planting, you just need to fill the tank with water.

Step 5: Use a handy dandy colander

You need to use a handy dandy colander to save the water from the sand.

Step 6: Have some plants

If you want to decorate your tank, firstly you need to put some leaf ludwigia around the corner of the tank to enhance the beauty of the tank and make it bushy.

Then, you can add giant amelia and pine leaf to make the tank nicer. Make sure to trim the plants if they grow.

Step 7: Add a centerpiece

You need to add a centerpiece in the center of the tank to make the hiding places for female bettas.

Step 8: Attach some java moss

Make sure to attach some java moss with super glue to the rhizome of the centerpiece. Don’t use too much super glue as it kills the plants as well as its nutrients.

Step 9: Choose a heater

For setting up your tank you need to choose a better heater. 76-80 is the perfect and suitable temperature for betta fish.

Step 10: Select a black poster for the background

For hiding the wires, filter, and heater you need to cut a black poster to make a background for the tank.

Step 11: Add some fish

You need to add 25 male or female bettas who are suitable to community tanks and able to adapt with other bettas.

Step 12: Put a lid

For a bigger tank, you need to have a lid as the bettas may jump at night.

If you’re still unclear about the process, you can view the videoes to have a better understanding.

How Did You Achieve Having So Many Bettas Live All Together?

For making a betta sorority you need to follow some rules. They are-

  • You need to get a larger tank and a minimum of five female bettas.¬†
  • If the number is less than five then, they may fight as females bettas are aggressive and territorial.
  • You need to create a stress-free environment for bettas to form a proper hierarchy. Make sure to set the tank appropriately to cope up the betta with the tank.¬†
  • Make enough spaces for bettas to escape if they get aggressive.Don’t put just two males in the tank, they will fight and cause chaos.
  • Make sure not to put more males than females and don’t add only one female otherwise, the male betta will bother the female betta.

Is Every Betta Suitable for a Community Tank?

You need to check whether the betta is adapting in the tank or not.

  • Depends on the size and temperature of the tank.
  • Depends on the tank mates.
  • Female bettas are more sociable than males.
  • Male bettas are more aggressive.

What Type of Fish Will You Select for a 30 Gallon Tank?

You can put-

  • Apistogramma
  • Cardinal tetras
  • Hatchetfish
  • Angelfish
  • Rosy barbs
  • Glofish
  • Goldfish


You can find both male and female pairs in this type of fish. You can breed them in a planted aquarium and feed them as they remain at the bottom of the tank.

Cardinal tetras

You can add cardinal tetras in your sorority as they are colorful and have dwarf cichlids, like ph.


You can put hatchet fish as they are ready to spawn and are visually very pleasing, and remain at the top of the aquarium.


If you want to have parent fish, then you need to collect angel fish as it has pairs and lay the eggs. They raise their spawns.

Rosy barbs

If you want to make a betta community, make sure to have four to six rosy barbs as it is aggressive and has nice long fins.


Make sure to have glow fish as they are colorful and territorial.


You need to keep a fancy fish like goldfish which only needs water change to live a long life.

What Do You Need to Feed Your Betta Fish?

If you want to keep a 30 gallon tank, then you need to feed them good quality pellets, blood worms, and brine shrimp.

Is It Necessary to Quarantine the Bettas?

To adapt the betta with other bettas in a 30 gallon tank, we need to quarantine each betta before putting them in a community tank. Before establishing the tank make sure to quarantine the betta for at least one or two weeks.

What Types of Plants Can You Add as a Beginner?

  • Anubias
  • Brazilian pennywort
  • Java fern
  • Marimo balls

What Do You Need to Do With the Bullied Betta?

If any of your bettas is bullied by another betta, then remove the betta from the tank and put it in a hospital tank, and medicate the harassed bettas. 

In most cases, aged bettas love solitary life.

What Advice Do You Need to Follow for Keeping a 30 Gallon Tank?

Make a plan for bettas sorority, and also create an emergency and backup plan for handling any problems of your bettas.


If you’re wondering about fish stocking ideas! Then in this article, I’ve suggested some tips which will help you.

  • choose 25 male or female bettas who are suitable for the community tank, 
  • Able to form a proper hierarchy
  • Quarantined before putting in the targeted tank to make the betta sorority.

Besides that, now you know some tips, what type of fish can be put and how it can be put together.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Many Female Bettas Can I Put in a 30 Gallon?

For making a betta sorority, you need to put a minimum of five female bettas, this number will decrease the aggression rate of the female bettas.

 In a 30 gallon tank, you can add 1 inch’s 30 female bettas or 25 female bettas of normal size.

2. What Can You Put in a 30 Gallon Tank With a Betta?

You can put gravel, plants, java moss, silk plants, shrimps, and snails to get along with the bettas.

3. What Fish Can You Put With a Betta?

To maintain a serene community in a tank, you can choose guppies and koi fish as they are fancy, colorful, and have long fins.

Try to avoid flashy and bright fish as they are more aggressive. 

4. Can You Put a Male and a Female Betta in a Tank?

It is not a good idea to put a male and female in a tank unless you are an experienced fish keeper. They like to stay separately.

A male and a female betta can be put only when they are about to mate, otherwise, they may feel aggression towards each other.

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