How to Breed Hellboy Betta (Do This FIRST!)

How to Breed Hellboy Betta

Betta fish is one of the most common aquarium fish in the world. Since this fish carries beautifully patterned skin, being successful in breeding a Hellboy betta is an outstanding achievement that will bring additional beauty to your aquarium. 

How to Breed Hellboy Betta

Breeding a Hellboy betta is a little tricky. But by following some key steps such as setting up the tank, choosing the perfect pair, ensuring the Hellboy bettas health, etc., your Hellboy breeding experiment can be successful!

In this article, you will find useful tips for breeding Hellboy betta safely. 

Step 1 – Get your breeding tank ready 

The first stage of breeding Hellboy betta is to get their home ready, which means getting the fish tank fully prepared. The thorough process of setting up the breeding tank is as follows-

Set up the tank

Setting up adequate tanks will protect your fish’s health and aid in the secure and effective breeding of your Hellboy betta fish.

Bettas are incredibly aggressive, so you’ll require at least 2 different permanent betta fish tanks whenever you want to keep respectively male and female betta fish. 

Set up filter and heater in the tank

Bettas are not familiar with water with a powerful stream, so choose a filtration system with a customizable stream that is very smooth. After you set up the filter inside the tank, don’t forget to check the water flow and the comfort of your bettas. 

How to Breed Hellboy Betta - filter setup

Make the tank attractive and livable for your Hellboy Betta fish

After setting up the heater and the filter, it is time for making the aquarium attractive and livable for your Hellboy bettas.

To do so, you can add live plants and decorative stones to the tank, but avoid stones if you’re planning to breed. Also make sure to add other accessories like loops, old cups, etc. as hiding spots for the bettas. 

Prepare for breeding 

A mildly greater tank is required to place up a betta fish breeding tank. An aquarium of around 10 gallons is ideal.

There must be no substrate inside the betta breeding tank, but there must be heaps of areas to hide in the shape of leafy seedlings.

You must provide anything at the edge of the water for the male betta to construct his balloon hives before breeding, in regards to hiding places.

Ensure the quantity and quality of water

The water in the Hellboy betta breeders tank must just be approximately 5 inches deep. Should be equal heat as your fixed betta aquariums, A small heater should be installed as it’ll be enough to heat the water for about 39 degrees Celsius.

Step 2 – Select a perfect breeding pair

The second and very important step is to choose the right pair for your Hellboy breeding. Choosing the right pair is one of the secrets to successfully breeding Hellboy betta fish.

How to Breed Hellboy Betta - Breeding pair

It is critical to choose a breeding pair that is fit and active, as well as has the desired colors and fin forms. If you want to breed a veil-tailed Hellboy for example, you’ll need two fit veil-tailed fish.

How to select a healthy pair of Hellboy bettas? 

Select betta fish with zero malformations, accidents, or sources of infection, such as white patches or a sluggish demeanor, for the matching pair.

Choosing the perfect pair of Hellboy bettas is the core step toward successful breeding. It’s usually wise to buy your betta fish from a trustable breeder, who can notify you how old the fish are. 

What is the perfect age for the Hellboy breeding pair? 

Betta fish mating performs best if all partners are from 4 months to 12 months old. Make sure both partners’ age is the same. Breeding bettas over the age of 12  months is failed most often.

Pick betta fish with really no malformations, concussions, or source of infection, such as white spots or a fatigued demeanor, for your matching pair.

Step 3 – Ensure that the breeding tank is clean and safe

Before you put the bettas in the tank, Make sure the breeding tank is properly cleaned. This will aid in the avoidance of synthetic surges, which can endanger betta fish mating and even kill betta broil.

Betta fish breeding success is frequently determined by whether the environment in the breeder tank promotes the formation of a long-lasting balloon hive and embryo development. 

How to create the perfect atmosphere in the tank?

To create a positive atmosphere, the air at the surface of the tank water must be extremely warm and moist. Cover the tank’s top with a large piece of plastic to ensure that it stays warm and moist.

How to Breed Hellboy Betta - Tank atmosphere

A plastic covering can be easily secured by drenching the tank’s rim and leveling it over it. This will ensure the safety of the embryo.

Step 4 – Prepare the Hellboy pair for breeding 

Only cleaning the breeding tank is not enough, you have to make sure that the Hellboy betta pair is in perfect condition and healthy enough to mate. Preparing the pair for a meeting takes up to a week. 

What and when to feed the Hellboy pair?

Provide nutritious, meaty meals, such as bloodworms, aquatic mites, or duckweed for Hellboy betta, to condition the fish.

These meals can be preserved or hydrolyzed, but live meals are usually more nutritious than frozen ones. You can feed your Hellboy betta pair twice or four times per day, but only small portions each time. 

Step 5 – It’s time to put the Hellboy pair in the tank

When the pair is ready to meet, you can’t put both of them together in the tank because a male Hellboy betta and a female Hellboy betta take time to prepare themselves for mating.

If you put both of them together in the tank, there is a probability for them to attack each other.

At first, put the male and female Hellboy separately 

Keep the female betta fish separate from the male until the fish are ready to mate.

This can be accomplished by floating the female in a clear container and preventing the male from entering, or by using a divider, such as a usual aquarium divider or a tall glass divider that is open on both edges.

When they get comfortable, remove the divider 

After a while, when the male and female Hellboy betta fish get to know each other and get comfortable with each other, you can then remove the tank divider and let them get along.

When they get comfortable you will notice that the male Hellboy betta is creating a balloon hive that is basically made out of saliva as a protective shield for their mating.

Step 6 – The mating process will start 

The balloon hive will be completed from 12 to 24 hours. The female betta will naturally swim towards the hive and get inside the hive.

How to Breed Hellboy Betta - Mating process

If you notice that the female betta has destroyed the hive and swim back to its previous position, that indicates that she did approve of the hive. 

The male betta will start working on the hive again, and the female betta will swim to the hive. Until then you have to put the divider back.

But if you see the female betta is destroying or disapproving the hive again, it means that this pair is not suitable for breeding & you need to start the process all over again. 

The mating will begin 

If you see the female betta swimming around the hive that means she is ready for the meeting. A major sign of the pair being ready for the meeting is that they will swim around each other and stay close to each other.

The mating process can last up to three hours. So within these three hours trying not to disturb the Hellboy bettas; means you have to stay a little far from the tank. But make sure to keep an eye on them and ensure that the female betta does not get injured.

Step 7 – Remove the female Hellboy and wait for the egg hatching

After they have done mating, you need to remove the female Hellboy betta because she has a tendency to eat the eggs. After removing the female one, The make betta will start taking care of the hive and the eggs.

Female Better - How to Breed Hellboy Betta

He will collect the eggs and put them in the hive and try to maintain the hive. It will take around two to three months for the eggs fry to and mature, and you’ll see tiny betta babies swimming in the tank. Congratulations! You’ve successfully done breeding the Hellboy betta. 


What’s the Tank Size for Male and Female Hellboy Betta?

Male Betta fish entails a specified tank size of five gallons. A tank of at least twenty gallons or more is required for factions of female bettas.

Why Does the Male Hellboy Beta Eat the Eggs After Mating?

If you sometimes see him eating eggs, don’t worry; he will just eat the unfertilized eggs to make sure that the healthy eggs are not harmed.

What Is the Minimum Temperature Required for the Hellboy Betta?

Betta fish requires a specific degree of water temperature to survive. 36 to 40°C is suitable for Hellboy and any other betta fish.


It’s not easy to breed a Hellboy betta. You might fail once or twice in the breeding process, but don’t lose hope! Your Hellboy breeding experiment can be effective if you follow some key steps, like-

  • Setting up the tank properly
  • Selecting the pair carefully
  • Make sure that the Hellboy bettas are in good health
  • Prepare that tank as well as the Hellboy bettas for mating efficiently. 
  • Finally, look after the eggs and wait for tue hatching. 

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