What Is The IQ of a Goldfish? (Are They SMART!)

What Is The IQ of a Goldfish

You may have heard many false perceptions about goldfish and their memory that you need to debunk.

You are probably searching; what is the IQ of a goldfish? Goldfish have an extraordinary brain that functions to tell time, learn tricks and recognize their tank mates.

In this article, you will learn the facts regarding goldfish’s intelligence.

What Is The IQ of a Goldfish? 

The IQ of a goldfish is quite impressive, and the average range of their IQ is 30 to 40, whereas the most intelligent species range is 130. In addition, goldfish have high cognitive abilities that function to operate their five senses of humor and incredibly in learning tricks.

Create a healthy environment for your goldfish to operate their brain effectively. 

How Does the Sense of Humor Help in Cognitive Functions?

Humans do their all functions with the help of five senses of humor. Goldfish do have these five senses of humor as well. Their senses of humor are connected to intelligence that helps to do anything accurately.

Goldfish use only three senses of humor to do their cognitive functions, including hearing, eyesight, and smell.


You may not be able to see any external ears of goldfish, but they can hear you. Goldfish’s auditory system is more complex than humans. An internal organ, “otoliths” in goldfish, helps to hear any vibration. Goldfish receive the sound through the swim bladder. 

The sound vibration is five times faster in the water than in the air. They can hear 40 to 3200 Hz sounds, whereas humans can hear 20 to 20,000 Hz sounds. Goldfish can quickly identify the sound of any music and footsteps.

Goldfish get disturbed by that kind of vibration when people tap on the tank’s glass. These vibrations may cause stress to your goldfish, develop diseases, and cause death. For this reason, goldfish stay healthier in the pond than in the fish tank.


The rods of the goldfish enable it to have a scotopic vision, and the cone allows it to see vibrant colors. Goldfish see more color than humans. They see a more colorful world. 

UV light is invisible to humans, but it is visible to goldfish, making its world more beautiful. The thin coat of the eye is responsible for seeing underwater. 

Goldfish can see both “UV spectrum” and “visual spectrum” lights that make them capable of seeing blue, green, and yellow colors.


Goldfish don’t have any noses like humans. Instead, they have a small opening above their mouth called nares connected to sensory nerve pads, enabling the goldfish to identify the smell easily. Especially during feeding, this organ helps to catch the desired food easily.

The smell of goldfish is potent. They can easily detect any odor and chemical substances in the water. In addition, goldfish can distinguish between sour, sweet, savory, and saline smell. 

Goldish can identify the signal of predators and breeding time through their nares; according to it, they make themselves ready.

The lateral line system is a sensory organ that detects the surrounding water’s movements and vibrations.

Do Your Goldfish Recognize Their Owners?

Depending on the impression of the owner, goldfish can display themselves. If you are familiar with your goldfish and feed them frequently, they can be happy to see you. If they see you, they may come towards you to show affection.

If your goldfish sees a new person, they may feel shy to see the person and hide.

Goldfish can greet their owners and welcome them by offering food. You can raise your goldfish by giving time-place learning so that they can recognize the person before having food and where and when they will be fed.

Are Your Goldfish Trainable?

Goldfish are an intelligent species. You can train your goldfish to recognize particular signs to show beautiful results.

Some researchers trained their goldfish for feeding purposes. For example, they create a sound for inviting goldfish to eat food and are trained to come after hearing the sound. They were in the wild for a while, and after a few years, they returned to the fish tank, and still, they could recognize and associate with the sound.

Goldfish are talented. You can train them to swim through hoops, roll tiny soccer balls into the net and swim in specific directions. 

The goldfish can remember any training for many years.

Watch the video to see how trained goldfish use tricks–

How Does a Goldfish’s Memory Work?

Many people assume that goldfish don’t have any long-term memory as their brain looks different, it is a myth, and it is not valid.

Goldfish don’t have a neocortex; thus, it is considered that goldfish are less intelligent. The neocortex helps to do abstract thinking, problem-solving, and planning. 

They can recognize their owner and their activities. For example, if you forget to feed your goldfish, the goldfish will remind you to give them food. Goldfish’s memory can remember things for years. They can follow any tricks by remembering the instructions. 

Is It Possible for Goldfish to Do Math?

Goldfish can do maths as they know counting numbers. Therefore, you can teach your goldfish numerical competency. 

Researchers recently discovered that train goldfish could count the dots of any card. They can easily measure the dots and that is 91% accurate. 

Is It Possible for Goldfish to Play Football?

Goldfish can quickly learn any trick. However, they can play football and basketball. So make sure to choose comet goldfish to teach them the tricks of playing football. 

Comet goldfish are active and can swim fast. 

Watch the video to see how goldfish are playing football –

Do Goldfish Have Music Taste?

Goldfish love to hear music, but they are selective in choosing it. So make sure to select the right music for your goldfish.

It is harmful to fish if the music creates vibrations in the water. So, place your TV and speakers far away from the fish tank.

Classical music makes the goldfish learn any tricks quickly. Some music contains a profound bass level and creates resonance in the tank water, such as hip-hop, rap, and rock songs. This music may develop stress in the fish, and the goldfish can be affected by different diseases or even death.

Do Goldfish Have Uniqueness?

Every goldfish in the world is born unique. They have particular coloring and patterns. This individualism makes them apart from every goldfish.

Do Goldfish Sleep?

Goldfish prefer to sleep in a calm environment at night. They sleep by opening their eyes as they don’t have eyelids in their eyes. 

Goldfish never blink and close their eyes. Instead, they sleep to keep their brain active and do cognitive work effectively.

Can Goldfish Adapt to the New Surroundings?

Goldfish are social beings, and they are born with much endurance. So if you put your goldfish in a new environment, it can quickly adapt to the new tank if the tank size is big enough and the tank mates are compatible.

Goldfish have more tolerance than many other fish and can quickly adapt. 


I hope you know now, what is the IQ of a goldfish? If you still want to know what a goldfish’s IQ is, are they bright! Then I added a gist of this article in the list below please check.

  • The IQ of a goldfish is quite impressive. 
  • The average range of their IQ is 30 to 40, whereas the most intelligent species range is 130. 
  • Goldfish have high cognitive abilities that function to operate their five senses of humor and incredibly in learning tricks.

Besides, now you know the IQ of a goldfish and how they use it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Which Fish Are the Smartest?

Here are the chronological serials of the most intelligent fish–

  1. Crowntail Betta.
  2. Goldfish
  3.  Oscar Fish
  4. Neon Tetras
  5. Guppy Fish
  6. Flowerhorn Cichlid.

2. Can Your Fish Cry?

Fish are unable to cry and produce tears. However, they can feel emotionally disappointed if their tank mates leave them alone or they don’t get food.

3. Do Your Fish Get Thirsty?

Thirst refers to when someone or something wants to drink water. But fish live in the water, so they don’t get thirsty.

Fish don’t need water to drink, but they can’t live without water.

4. Can Your Fish Drown?

Fish breathe if the water can go across the gills. But sometimes, these gills are affected by different diseases or the attack of another fish. When the gill is damaged, the fish feels suffocated, can’t inhale oxygen,  and can’t drown usually.

The fish can die because of gill damage and lack of oxygen.  

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