Why is My Betta Fish Staying by The Filter? (REASONS)

Why is My Betta Fish Staying by The Filter

Those who like to keep fish in houses are often confused with one thing, why is my fish doing this and that?

For example, what if one of my fish eats up the other fish? What if they are trying to get out of the tank? What if this and then what if that and so forth? The list of questions never ends. Now, if you have ever wondered why your betta fish is staying by the filter, then here is your answer:

Stay tuned with us and learn about betta fish and their living habits and behavior!

Why is My Betta Fish Staying by The Filter?

If you ask people this question, some will say the fish are trying to get out of the tank, but I will tell you the exact reason. Betta fish like to stay by the filler in search of more oxygen, it provides them with more flow rate, and as a result, they get more oxygen.

However, that is not the end of the world. Reveal more aspects while reading!

What Happens When You Introduce Your Betta Fish to Its New Home?

Betta fish are adventurous when exploring their new home because they tend to roam everywhere and find the perfect place, just like perfectionists.

Now, the filter-loving tendency is mainly due to the oxygen flow; however, it is also a way for betta fish to feel secure.

If I talk about security, betta fish need to feel secure to function correctly. Thus, betta fish staying near the filter is not a big concern if they are not acting abnormally.

Fish health and safety should be the ultimate concern. Therefore, let your fish roam around and explore their new home and let them find the perfect spot for them!


What If Your Betta Fish is Struggling to Swim Near the Filter?

Sometimes you may notice your betta fish struggles to swim near the filter. As previously mentioned, betta fish swim near the filter because oxygen flows give them a balanced and healthy environment. However, what if you see your betta fish struggling to swim? Is that too near the filter?

You might be wondering what could be the reason. The reason is that the filter flow is too strong, and your betta fish is struggling to swim, which indicates that you can reduce the flow immediately. If you are worried about how to do that, then do not worry, my friend, current filter comes with various features, and balancing flow is one of them.

Thus, help your fish to swim swiftly!


How to Reduce the Filter Flow Rate?

You could find various methods to find the perfect way to reduce the filter flow rate. However, the most common two types of filter flow rates are:

1.  Pre-Filter Sponge

Use a sponge on the inlet. So you have to reduce the flow of water entering the filter, and then, as a result, it will minimize the filter flow rate

 by nature.

You can also take a piece of filter floss and then cut it into small pieces and cover it around the inlet. It will also act as an excellent filtration.

2.  Filter- Floss Inside

The filtered water goes through a few chambers before ultimately reaching the tank. When the water pressure is high, the filter floss reduces it before getting to the tank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why my betta fish is not moving?

Answer: Taking rest or sleeping. However, it could be a sign of sickness also. Many sources say that Betta fish prefer to sleep at night when there’s no light. Thus, if your Betta fish is not moving, pay attention to the time of the day at first.

How do I know if my Betta fish is dying?

Answer: Discoloration, unusual swimming. In general, betta fish are lively and not easy to understand if they are sick. However, discoloration or having new spots, less or unusual swimming are prominent when severely ill.

Why is my betta fish hiding?

Answer: The environment is new to him. The betta fish like to roam around; however, when they are unique in a home, it takes time for them to get along. Thus, they spend by hiding in the beginning.

How do I make my Betta fish active?

Answer: Food is the perfect solution. If you see your betta fish is not moving, feed your betta fish by your hand instead of keeping food in the tank. It will urge him to move around.

What will a stress betta look like?

Answer: Stress betta is easy to spot by noticing abnormal swimming patterns. If they wander without following any route or without a destination, one place multiple times, then there is an excellent chance that your betta fish is under stress.


Betta fish like to stay by the filler in search of more oxygen, it provides them with more flow rate, and as a result, they get more oxygen.

When exploring their new home, betta fish are pretty adventurous and tend to roam around before choosing a place.

A betta fish struggles to swim when the filter flow is too strong, and your betta fish struggles to swim, indicating that you can reduce the flow immediately.

To decrease the flow rate, you should consider:

·  Pre-filterer sponge

·  Filter floss inside

Pay attention to your betta fish behavior and swimming pattern, and follow the above tips and tricks! Here’s to a smooth entry to the fish realm, cheers!